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About Us

   Naturally Jade Corp. was founded by Jada Greene a 27 year old African-American woman from the DMV area. Jada, started the brand in August 2019. Originally, the brand was an Esthetics Spa specializing in Skincare and Makeup in the local area. However, she expanded the business in February 2020 to graphic design and digital marketing due COVID-19. She saw the opportunity to provide a service to all businesses, making her brand an All-In-One company. Jada, wanted to provide a service that will help all brands grow and mature to an established six-figure companies. 


   Coming from a big family and wanted to make sure she incorporated her biggest supporters in her brand. Which leads to the meaning behind the brand name. She believes everything is beautiful in its natural form hence the name “Naturally”. The “JADE” comes from the connection between her and her siblings; (J)ada, (A)ngel, (D)e’Angelo, (E)rin. The brand mottos are: “A Natural Beauty With A Blink Of Perfection” and “Creating A Seat At The Table, So Everyone Can Win”